Sobey Wedding 2017

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Sobey Wedding 2016

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Pictou Lodge 2015

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"Marilyn Roy planned our daughter's wedding and the event was absolutely stunning. It was challenging for her, given Jade and her fiance were living and working in Calgary, and Linda and I were out of the country for a good part of the time.

The entire event was perfectly timed and executed with every detail taken care of providing a flawless event. My wife Linda and I were able to relax and enjoy the months leading up to the event, and the day of the wedding was stress free, knowing that we were in the best of hands with Marilyn."

Karl & Linda Sobey

The Secret to The Perfect Wedding

All girls dream about their wedding day.  Their special gown, the colors, the decor, all things that are so important to the bride's vision of her special day.

While, these things are the cornerstone of the event, they represent only a very small fraction of what is required to make this a truly special and memorable day for not only the bride & groom, but the families and friends who have gathered to help you celebrate this very special occasion.   

Like any great event, there is a huge amount of planning and preparation that goes into it, far in advance of the date.​One might think that if the “big things” are covered off in the planning process, all the little things will fall into place. Unfortunately this is a pitfall that many couples fall into – as the saying goes “the devil is in the details”.

All events require hundreds of hours of planning and preparation, and no detail is too small. Things that may be thought of as being inconsequential in the scheme of hectic wedding preparations can cause a lot of unneeded stress the day of your great event.

"Every detail was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was more than I imagined and I would highly recommend Marilyn Roy for any bride to be!"
Jade Sobey Michalowski

To us - every wedding is special

We provide personalized service and every part of your wedding is dealt with as if you are a member of our family.  

Because Marilyn specializes in wedding planning and takes only a very limited number of clients a month, she can focus on your event take care of all the details and let you concentrate on the things that matter to you.

We can work together every step of the way if you want to be totally involved in all the details, or we can meet, put a game plan together and then check in as often as you wish to ensure your special day is progressing as you would like. This is your day, and you should be able to enjoy the months and weeks leading up to it!

As part of the wedding package, Marilyn will meet with you to discuss your initial plans and exchange ideas. We’ll talk about your wedding vision including venues, caterers, number of guests, entertainment and an overall look and feel. From there we will do the legwork! Research and source what we’ve discussed providing you options, and put a preliminary plan in place.

The number of meetings we have would be entirely dependant on what your specific needs include and what you feel comfortable with. Whatever the scope of your wedding, Marilyn will be there to take care of all the details.

Closer consultation as your date grows near, and her undivided attention on the days immediately prior to your date including being onsite for the rehearsals, wedding day events and all the post-wedding details.​